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We don’t work with just anyone. We partner with people who have something to say, who are passionate about what they do, and who are driven to do good, be kind and have fun.

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We like long walks on the beach…

We’re awesome & people like hanging out with us

There are a lot of great marketing pros out there, so the decision to work with someone often comes down to personality and relationship. You’re going to spend a lot of time chatting with us and it’s nice when you can look forward to those meetings. Chances are pretty good that we are gonna be BFF’s in no time.

We know what you’re thinking, “I get great ideas, badass marketing, AND a new friend?! Cool!”

We feel the same way, new buddy!

We don’t work with just anyone

We’re looking for that special someone

Our ideal client is kinda badass; ambitious, optimistic, and willing to trust in our process. In a perfect world, we get to work with a business from the very beginning, working to build a strong brand, set goals, and develop a long-term plan for success. Of course, established organizations are welcome too.

A sense of humour is vital and we encourage everyone to leave their ego at home. Egos are the selfie-stick of business – there’s a time and a place, but they mostly just get in the way.

You're already doing awesome things...

We Turn Up the Volume

What do we do?

Well, a bit of everything. As our clients’ needs change, we learn and grow so we can adapt and meet them where they’re at. That said, we are always honest about our experience and capabilities. Sometimes we’re doing something for the first time, and sometimes it makes sense to bring in outside help. We believe in collaboration with clients, partners and even “competitors.”

Recent projects have covered:

  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Copywriting & Blogging
  • Company and Product Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Coaching (guidance + check-ins)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Training
  • PR Consulting + Media Releases
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising Management
  • Photography
  • Interior Design Consultation


A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Good ideas come from everywhere so we’re always taking in new information and learning about anything and everything that might help our clients. We love getting to help people grow their business; it means you get to go on a much-needed vacation, you can take care of your loved ones, and your staff get that well-deserved bonus. It warms our little hearts!


You’re doing something great, but no one knows? We can help get the word out.

Content Creation

We create content that people can’t wait to read, and read again. Bookmark this!

Bright Ideas

We’re always dreaming up big ideas, from marketing campaigns to new ways to generate revenue.


You don’t know what you don’t know. We help you get ready for whatever comes next, whatever that is.

From our founders

Be Kind & Do Good Shiz…

Hi there! We’re Valaura and Vincent Jones, a husband and wife team and the founders of By Jove Co.

We started By Jove Co. in 2016 because we wanted the freedom to work with our clients one-on-one. We were tired of consulting with the peanut gallery and higher-ups. We were just as frustrated with the bare-minimum mindset that comes with agencies focused on the bottom line. Creatives tend to work best when we can get excited about the work we create with our clients and break the rules every now and then!

We are passionate about our community, and we choose our clients carefully. We often say that we “don’t work with anyone that we wouldn’t hold hands with in public.” And we mean it. Our clients are people and organizations that we are proud to represent and that share our values of freedom, truth, kindness, curiosity, humility and community.

Over the past several years, our Kelowna-based boutique branding and marketing agency has been helping organizations and individuals across North America find their identity and leave their mark on the world.

Success and happiness are based on two things; being kind and doing good shit.

Your friends,
Valaura & Vince

Vince and Valaura, pictured here in 2021, celebrating By Jove Co.’s 5th anniversary with some local cherry pie.


We are grateful to live, play, and work on the unceded traditional and ancestral home of the syilx people. This is their home and we are privileged to be visitors to this place.

The syilx culture and traditions are rich, vibrant and full of wisdom. As settlers of european and secwe̓pemc descent, we are committed to learning from our syilx hosts and improving our relationships with the land and each other.

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